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Link ECU

Link ECU’s range of standalone ECU’s meets the needs for performance cars, drag racing, drifting, jetski’s, snowmobiles, aircraft, speedway and jet-sprint racing vehicles around the world. The product range also features a wide variety of accessories.

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Mobil 1

Mobil 1 isn’t just the world’s leading synthetic motor oil. It performs so amazingly under extreme conditions that it is also used by more than half of all NASCAR teams. As for Formula 1, Mobil 1 have partnered with leading F1 teams on the podium for 30 years thanks to its incredible engine protection.

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Westlake Tyres

With multiple titles under their belt, Westlake Tyres and their iconic Sport RS competition tyre are proven as the best semi-slick tyre on the European market. Check out all of Westlake’s tyres and tyre sizes now.

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