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Drift Games Drive

Welcome to Drift Games Drive, the all-new drift practice days in Mondello Park, featuring custom track layouts, insane track time, prizes galore and plenty more, run by Drift Games in association with Club Loose Ireland.

Book A Driver Ticket:

Monday, September 9th, 2019 – BOOK NOW

Upcoming Dates & Prices:

Monday, September 9th, 2019 – Mondello Park (National Track)
Driver Entry Tickets – €150.00 (BOOK NOW)
Passenger Bands – €20.00 (Buy At Event Only)
Spectator Tickets – FREE

Full information on what you need to do to drive at a Drift Games Drive event can be found below, but maybe you just fancy coming along to watch? Well, we’ve got some good news for you! Spectator entry to all weekend or Bank Holiday Drift Games Drive events is just €10.00 for the entire day, with under 12s going free, and spectator gates open from 10.00am. Spectator entry to weekday Drift Games Drive events is absolutely free!

As a spectator, you’ve got the choice to sit in the grandstand, watch along from around the outer banks, or wander the paddock checking out the awesome selection of cars.

Or, maybe you fancy upping the tempo a little and jumping in the passenger seat? Well at Drift Games Drive, you can! Simply check out our passenger spin requirements at the bottom of the page to check if you’re eligible.

Drive at Drift Games Drive

Regardless of your level of talent, Drift Games Drive events in Mondello Park are the perfect place to come and test out your own drift car on the track with plenty of like-minded petrolheads.

How much does it cost?

Driver entry for all Drift Games Drive events is only €150.00 for the day, which can be booked online at the links above.

Do be careful though – our Drift Games Drive events have limited driver spaces available, so make sure you book right away and don’t miss out.

Class Choices:

At Drift Games Drive, drivers will be split into 2 classes – Hero and Pro. The Hero class will cater for those driving their own streetcars or un-caged drift cars, whereas the Pro class will cater to dedicated pro-spec drift cars.

The Timetable:

All of our Drift Games Drive events follow roughly the same main timetable, which can be seen below.

8.00am – 9.00amGates Open For Drivers
8.30am – 9.15amDriver Sign-On Opens (Grand-Prix Suite)
9.15am – 9.45amDriver Briefing (Grand-Prix Suite)
10.00am – 1.00pmOpen Track Time
1.00pm – 2.00pmLunch Time
2.00pm – 5.00pmOpen Track Time

Car Regulations:

Any vehicles being used at Drift Games Drive events must have:

  • Tow straps/hooks front and rear;
  • Fixed back or recliner bucket seat;
  • Minimum 4-point harness;
  • No fluid leaks whatsoever;
  • Noise level not to exceed 105db, and;
  • Full body panels on the car at the start of the event.

Any driver wishing to take passengers must ensure their passenger seat is also a fixed back or recliner bucket seat and also has a minimum 4-point harness.

Any driver wishing to be in the Pro class must ensure their car also has a full roll-cage, in addition to the above car regulations.

Driver Regulations:

All drivers who intend on driving at the event must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older with a full driving license, or;
  • Be a currently licensed DGN, DGX, IDC, BDC, IADC or DriftCup driver, and;
  • Must wear a full-face helmet at all times when on track, with a fully functional clasp/strap.

Garage Rentals:

The Mondello Park pit garages can be rented for select Drift Games Drive events at a cost of €200.00 for a full garage (4 cars) or €100.00 for a half garage (2 cars).

Taking Passengers:

For just €20.00 for the entire day, any spectator attending a Drift Games Drive event can go out for a passenger spin with a driver, once:

  • They are 18 years of age or older, and;
  • Have purchased a passenger band from the Mondello Park race-control tower and have signed on, and they;
  • They wear a full-face helmet at all times when on track, with a fully functional clasp/strap.

Unfortunately, we will not have helmets available to rent, so any potential passengers will need to bring their own helmet to the event.

Note: At Drift Games Drive events, passengers are required to approach drivers taking part at the event to organise a passenger spin themselves. Drift Games, Club Loose and Mondello Park do not arrange individual passenger spins for those who have purchased passenger wristbands.


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