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Drift Games Experience

Ready to take your first step into the adrenaline-filled world of drifting? Well then look no further than the Drift Games Experience!

From drifting’s origins on the streets of Japan in the 1980s, to now becoming one of the fastest growing motorsport not only just in Ireland, but the world over, it’s now time for you to get behind the driver seat at the Drift Games Experience – Drift Games’ own drift training experience held in Mondello Park – from just €159.00.

Our 3 professional courses have been custom-designed to ensure you can progress from drift novice to the next household drift superstar, all behind the wheel of our purpose-built 285bhp Nissan 350z’s and with the help of our hand-picked professional instructors, including many current Irish Drift Championship (IDC) drivers.

Seeing as our courses are grouped, with students rotating through numerous turns in our Nissan 350z’s and learning our various course techniques, you’ll also have full access to our Drift Games Experience zone, where you can check out some amazing drift memorabilia from all over the world, watch drift videos and movies and even get your motorsport gaming fix in our Xbox arena.

The Drift Games Experience caters for any students from 13 years of age and up, but please note that you must be proficient at driving a manual gearbox car.

Fancy checking out what our courses consist of? Check out our course descriptions below and make sure you book your Drift Games Experience voucher NOW either on the Mondello Park website or by calling their office on 045 860 200.

Drift Games 101 Course

Are you ready to take your first step into the world of a professional drifting and experience the rush of going sideways for the first time? Well then our Drift Games Experience 101 course is for you!

This course has been designed to teach newcomers to the sport all of the fundamental techniques of drifting, right from what the hydraulic handbrake does and how to use it, right the way up to drifting your first 90 degree corner, all whilst behind the wheel of our Nissan 350z’s.

Course Techniques:

– Safety & Course Introduction Briefing
– Then Handbrake Initiation
– Counter-Steer Control
– Drifting a 90 Degree Bend
– Drift Games Ride-Along
– Post-Course Analysis, De-Brief and Q&A

Course Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Seat Time: Approx. 20 minutes

Price: €159.00 (Book Now)

Drift Games Masterclass Course

The Drift Games Masterclass course firstly refreshes the techniques you will have learned at the Drift Games 101 course and then proceeds to gradually introduce some of the more advanced and challenging techniques. 

At this level, you do all the driving and extended seat-time allows our instructors more time to guide you through each high-octane manoeuvre.

The Drift Games Masterclass is a highly recommended option for students eager to learn every aspect of competitive drifting. The road to drift superstardom starts here!

Course Techniques:

– Safety & Course Introduction Briefing
– Then Handbrake Initiation
– Counter-Steer Control
– Drifting a 90 Degree Bend
– The “Big O” Technique
– The “Switch” Technique
– Combination Drift
– Post-Course Analysis, De-Brief and Q&A

Course Duration: 1 hour

Seat Time: Approx. 35 minutes

Price: €229.00 (Book Now)

Drift Games Gauntlet Course

Mastered the basics of extreme car control in our 101 and Masterclass courses? Well, then it’s time to put those skills to the test at the Drift Games Gauntlet! 

In our Gauntlet course, our experienced instructors will lay out specific challenges and our students-turned-competitors must try and overcome them.

Are you ready to deal with the pressure of a drift competition and even challenge your instructor for some awesome Drift Games prizes? This is your shot!

Course Techniques:

– Safety & Course Introduction Briefing
– Clipping Zone Challenge
– Drift Parking Challenge
– Double Initiation Challenge
– Challenge Your Instructor
– Drift Games Gymkhana Final
– Post-Course Prize-Giving, De-Brief and Q&A

Course Duration: Approx. 4 hours

Seat Time: Approx. 50 minutes

Price: €299.00 (Book Now)


It’s the right thing to do … Go on ahead and book your course now by clicking here or calling the Mondello park office on 045 860 200.


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