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Link ECU Drift Games Extreme Round 3 Re-Scheduled


Here are Drift Games, we are committed to providing live events that offer non-stop action and variety. The previously scheduled ‘Retromania’ event on June 1/2 has been rescheduled to July 20/21 for a variety of reasons:

With 4 Irish drift events (2 DG Nationals and 2 DG Extreme) in under 6 weeks already this year, a certain amount of financial fatigue has affected both competitors and fans. Moving Round 3 of the Link ECU Drift Games Extreme to July 20/21 allows our drivers adequate time to repair and recharge after an intense start to the season. Drift Games fans can also take a small rest from attending multiple live events over this short period of time. But don’t relax too much, as you guys will need all your energy for an absolutely ram-packed and improved Round 3 in Mondello Park. 

So what has changed at Round 3 of the Link ECU Drift Games Extreme? Why should you be even more excited to attend this ground-breaking event? 

The LINK ECU Drift Games Extreme Round 3

Obviously, we believe this is the most exciting attraction at the event. The ‘new blood’ and ‘the veterans’ continue to fight for the DGX title after 2 incredible rounds this season. Alan Hynes leads Jack Shanahan in the overall standings by just 1 point, but mathematically all drivers are still in with a shout. 6 different drivers have taken home 6 different trophies so far in 2019, so expect the unexpected once again. We will return to the fastest and most exciting track layout available in front of the Mondello Park grandstand and we have a few wildcard entries that surely spice things up! 

The Irish Rallycross Championship 

If getting sideways on tarmac isn’t enough, the best classes from the Irish Rallycross Championship will be hitting the dirt and providing some of the best wheel to wheel racing you can see anywhere. We may even have a drift superstar compete across both disciplines in one weekend! Supercars, Buggies and Unlimited classes will be joined by a special ’80’s Rallycross Demonstration’ with legendary machines taking to the track once again. 


Cars were just more exciting in the 70s, 80s and 90s, I think you will all agree. So why not bring the best of the golden era of motoring to Mondello Park for one incredibly nostalgic car show? AE86s, Mark II Escorts, JDM classics, you name it! The Mondello Park paddock will feature over 200 of Ireland’s best survivors. You never quite know what you will see? 

Mondello Park Museum Track Run 

If you didn’t know, Mondello Park houses one of the most exclusive collections of race cars anywhere in the world. What would happen if we brought a few of the more special machines for a rip around the track at the half-time show? Ever wanted to see a NASCAR in full flight or a BMW M1 Le Mans racer put in some blistering laps? Well here is your once chance! 

Cannon Run Finish Line 

The Cannon Run will finish their 3 day journey around Ireland in front of the Mondello Park grandstand and they have collected some of the craziest cars and biggest celebrities for this year’s trip. Think Liberty Walk Ferrari 458, Bugatti Veyron and Lamborghini Aventador and your on the right track. Not only will you be able to get up close and personal with these rare machines, but they will hit the track at full speed for your entertainment. With Dapper Laughs, Shane Lynch and a bunch of celebrities in tow, the Cannon Run are ready to bring the party to Retromania this July. 

So there you have it,  a date change, but a justifiable one we think you will agree. Stay tuned to our social media channels for more information. 

In the meantime, over 550 JDM show cars will join the Link ECU Drift Games Nationals at the Eikon Exhibition Centre on July 7th, so make sure you attend Ireland’s only indoor JDM show. 

For more information on JDM Car Culture LIVE: CLICK HERE

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