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No Livestream?! Time To Clear Up The Confusion

With the start of the 2019 Link ECU Drift Games Nationals (DGN) series taking place in Mondello Park this Sunday, plenty of fans have been asking why there is no livestream for that particular series this year, so let’s clear it up once and for all.

In 2019, the Link ECU Drift Games Nationals series won’t be livestreamed, but much like the IDC that went before it, the Link ECU Drift Games Extreme series (DGX) will still be livestreamed. But why won’t the DGN be livestreamed, you ask? Let us explain …

The whole premise of the DGN series, is to reduce driver costs at a development level of competitive drifting, as well as levelling the playing field to ensure only driver talent reigns supreme. The action is going to be insane, but one unfortunate thing that had to suffer is livestream. It would be unfair to burden drivers or attending fans with the cost of a livestream production, that benefits those that can’t be there. That’s why, for this year at least, the DGN will not be live-streamed and fans will have to come along to each event of the 4 Round series to see which driver truly can become the DGN champion!

Don’t worry though, we’re not doing away with Livestream completely for 2019. Every single moment from qualifying and battle competition in the DGX series will still be livestreamed at all 5 rounds, so no matter where in the world you may be, you’ll be able to see the top Irish talent go head-to-head in some of the world’s craziest drift events!

Fancy checking out the full event calendar for both series and the full driver lists for both too? Click the links below to find out everything you need to know:

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