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What’s Happening to the Drift Games LIVE & Brakedown Shows?

Since the launch of the all-new Drift Games brand back in December, you guys have come to know and love the Drift Games LIVE show with Nathan Black, as well as the Drift Games Brakedown show with Adam & Eddie, which launched more recently.

Today, however, we’ve got a bit of an update regarding both shows …

Up until this point both shows were released on an opposing bi-weekly basis, with Drift Games LIVE being released one Thursday, then Brakedown the following Thursday and so on and so forth.

Due to so many vlog, event and feature videos coming over the next few weeks though, we needed some space in our schedule for more shows, so now you guys are getting a whole load more variety and awesomeness weekly!

To allow for this, from this point on both shows will now change to being released every 4 weeks instead of every 2 weeks. As such, there will be no Drift Games Brakedown release this Thursday, but it will instead be released next Thursday, March 21st.

As for Drift Games LIVE then, with Episode 7 being released last Thursday, you can expect Episode 8 to touch down on your screens on Thursday, April 4th. Don’t worry though, the show will still contain the same amount of hard-hitting questions, silly segments, prize giveaways and lots more that you guys have come to love.

We know, we know … you all want to see more of these shows, but don’t worry because we’ll be bringing you plenty more awesome content in its place, including the all-new Drift Games Vlog. Episode 1 aired on Monday, and you’re in for a treat when episode 2 airs tonight on our YouTube channel.

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