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Podcast Episode 7 With Mike Fitz, Matt Carter & Neil Dunne

Missed out on our latest episode of Drift Games LIVE? Well if you can’t manage to sit down and watch it on YouTube, now the latest episode is available to listen back to on the Drift Games Podcast on both SoundCloud and iTunes, along with all the others!

On this episode, former BDC champion Matt Carter talks about his first season in Drift Masters in 2018 and makes a big announcement for 2019, Mike Fitz talks about the advancement of Irish drifting since the early days and how much he loves his little ol’ RX7 and on the sofa, Neil Dunne talks about life outside of drifting, the work he undertakes on his car and what his drift plans for the next couple of years are.

As always, we also had some general drift arguments with Mike and Josh on the sofa and Eddie Power re-joined us, recharged and better than ever for The Power Bar.

Or, fancy sitting down and watching it back on your phone, tablet, laptop or TV? Check it out on YouTube below.

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