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Funk Motorsport Announced As Official Partner of Drift Games

Mondello Park, Ireland – February 26, 2019

Drift Games is delighted to announce a new partnership agreement with Funk Motorsport, who have now become the official heat management specialists for all Drift Games activities and events.

Drifting is all about intense automotive action, where drivers take high-horsepower machines to and beyond their limits. One thing that can easily ruin an event is unreliability. With so many cars at Drift Games events running highly tuned setups, it’s easy to forget that winning comes from constant reliability.

We’ve watched so many phenomenal drivers fail due to overheating issues and until now, options were limited when it comes to rectifying the problem. Now though, Funk Motorsport are here to help solve those issues and make sure all drivers stay on track!

The Funk Motorsport journey began in 2011 with just two partners and the aim of bringing the highest quality thermal management products to the world market at competitive prices. Funk Motorsport are proud to have grown to become the UK’s Heat Management specialists, stocking the widest selection of thermal management products all in one place.

From the start, their mission statement has been clear. Performance, Protection, Reliability. These three qualities are fundamental in every step of design, development, and manufacture of Funk Motorsport products.

Having been involved in Motorsport and automotive tuning for the best part of a decade, they have encountered a range of reliability issues – heat being the main factor. With this knowledge and understanding, they have developed, through their own automotive experience, their very own range of heat management products to overcome these barriers. They pride themselves on providing high-quality products, suitable for all types of car enthusiasts, from international race teams to fast road car applications and it’s that ethos that director Steve Hodges feels ties in extremely well with the Drift Games brand:

“After working with Dave and the team last year, we were intrigued by the direction that the new Drift Games brand would take and it’s safe to say the team has a clear vision and the talent to push the Drift Games brand to new heights and it was definitely something that we wanted to be involved in. The sport of drifting is something that we are extremely passionate about and we are here to ensure that vehicles are protected under the pressure of fierce competition. Let the games begin!”

– Steve Hodges (Director, Funk Motorsport)

Drift Games CEO David Egan also had his say on why he feels this partnership will prove extremely beneficial for the reliability of the cars on the grid of both the Link ECU DGX and the Link ECU DGN this season:

“When it comes to drifting, reliability is key. Fans and drivers don’t want battles coming to a premature end due to vehicles overheating. Funk Motorsport are offering an innovative solution and have the results from previous champions to back up their claims. They want to help drivers achieve their best and this makes them a fantastic partner for Drift Games. There is nothing more exciting than two innovative companies joining forces with a common challenge to overcome, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact they will have on the grid this season.”

– David Egan (CEO, Drift Games)

For full information on all Funk Motorsport products, check out their website at

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