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Drift Games Brakedown

The “New Blood” Discussed on Episode 2 of Drift Games Brakedown

Welcome back to Episode 2 of the Drift Games Brakedown show, where your hosts Adam O’Connor and Eddie Power dive into the facts, figures, statistics and more of our competitive championships, the Link ECU Drift Games Extreme (DGX) and the Link ECU Drift Games Nationals (DGN).

On Episode 2, Adam & Eddie discuss the drivers making up the “New Blood” in the 2019 Link ECU Drift Games Extreme series, ranging from international guests to those making the step up from last year’s IDC Pro-Am series.

This time around, the guys look into what the drivers have done to make their way into the Link ECU DGX, their chances of taking down some of the main title contenders and their previous accomplishments, all an attempt to break down exactly what this wave of “New Blood” are about to bring to the table in 2019. Check out episode 2 now!

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