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The Queen is in the building for Drift Games LIVE Episode 6

The sixth episode of Drift Games LIVE is here!

On this episode, Team Driftworks driver Martin Richards discusses the team, his 2019 car plans and his plans for the Drift Masters European Championship, Shea Rogers tells us all about how he got into drifting, his incredible Supra and his delight at gaining a place in the 2019 Link ECU DGX, and sitting down on the couch, we have star of the Red Bull TV “Drift Queen” show, Queen B, as she tells us all about her history with cars, how she got into drifting and where her journey might just be taking her next!

As always, we’ll also be having some general drift arguments with Mike and Josh on the sofa, Eddie Power re-joins us, recharged and better than ever for The Power Bar and we’re even giving an awesome Link ECU merchandise pack.

All this and much more for your viewing pleasure on episode 6 of Drift Games LIVE. Watch it back NOW!

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