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Can We Drift A Fast & Furious Dodge Charger?

Whether you love it or hate it, the Fast & Furious movie franchise is massive, and for many petrolheads is definitely a guilty pleasure.

Following on from the movie, last year saw the introduction of the Fast Live live-action arena show here in Europe. Unfortunately the show ran into some financial troubles, which ultimately ended the show and saw the stars of the show, the purpose-built movie replica cars, all get auctioned off to recoup the costs.

That all sounds pretty grim, we know, but for one man here in Ireland it was actually the chance to get his hands on one of his dream cars – a Dodge Charger. This is no ordinary Dodge Charger though, because this awesome LS3-powered, sequential gearbox-ed Dodge Charger is a direct replica of the car used in the Fast Five movie, where it was used to break a safe out of a bank! How cool is that?!

We know it’s pretty cool all by itself even just sitting still, but having access to Mondello Park – Ireland’s only professional motor racing circuit – we had to take it for a rip … and ultimately see if we could drift it.

Well, could we? Check out the video now to find out … AND we might even have a little treat in store at the end for all of you who’ll be making it to this year’s Link ECU Drift Games Extreme series!

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