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Can A Drift Champion Beat A Professional Racing Driver?

Have you ever sat back and wondered if a pro drifter could translate their skills gained in the world of drifting, into the world of professional circuit racing?

Well, we have, and seeing as somewhat of a rivalry has popped up in recent years between those more interested in going in a straight line as opposed to those who like a bit more sideways action, a couple of weeks back, we decided to challenge current Irish drift champion, Duane McKeever, to jump behind the wheel of a fully-fledged race car and find out.

The question we wanted to really get to the bottom of, of course, was can a professional drifter really be anywhere near as fast around a proper race track in a straight line as a professional racing driver. It was clear we were going to need a track, a car and a lap time set down.

The venue? Mondello Park, Ireland’s only International racing circuit. The car? The Murray Motorsport SEAT Leon Supercup race car. The driver? Niall Murray, one of Ireland’s best-ever racing drivers.

After a very brief stint on the simulator, thanks to the Virtual Race Academy here in Mondello Park, it was time for Niall to set his time before sending Duane out on track to see if he could get anywhere the time Niall had set.

Could Duane do it? It’s time to find out; check out the full video now!

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