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Epic Burnout in the Stripped 840bhp Mobil 1 Mustang

You’re probably all pretty used to seeing Drift Games bossman David Egan’s Mobil 1 Ford Mustang at this stage, but with the 2019 season coming up fast, pre-season preparations are kicking into gear and it’s safe to say the car looks a little bit different today …

BUT, we weren’t exactly content with just pulling it out of the garage for a few pictures … What could we possibly do to celebrate? A pretty EPIC burnout in the Mondello Park paddock of course!

Trust us when we say, this is probably one of the most epic burnouts Mondello has ever seen, and Dave even managed to destroy an entire brand-new set of tires in just under 60 seconds.

Check out the full video down below now or over on the Drift Games YouTube channel.

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