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Drift Games’ Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas. It’s that time of year where everyone gets all panicked about what to buy for, well, everyone. It’s a pain, right? Well why not just let Drift Games take that pain away?

In the first edition of the Drift Games ultimate Christmas gift guide, we’ve literally put the best Drift Games stocking fillers right in front of you, so all you’ve gotta do is click a few buttons and voila, we’ll have your order right on its way to you. Order before 12 noon Monday to Friday and we’ll even get it on its way to you that very same day – how handy is that?! Now let’s take a look at just a few of the awesome gift ideas we’ve got to offer.

The 180SX Hoody – €40.00

First up is the latest graphic hoody in our collection, and one that’s already proving to be our most popular to date. These are FLYING off the shelves already, so we’d definitely advise grabbing yours soon if you want one this side of Christmas!

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The 180SX Kids Tee – €20.00

This is something we’ve been asked for a LOT in 2018 and finally this Christmas, we’re delighted to release our first ever kids-only graphic car tee, featuring the super popular red 180SX! 

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The Accessory Bundle – €25.00

That’s right, we’ve brought the super popular accessory bundle back for Christmas at a super saving of over 30%, featuring a beanie hat, stickers, a keyring and a lanyard. Now that’s a bargain and a half!

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The Sunglasses – €20.00

We know; you’re probably wondering why the hell we’re talking about sunglasses in December! Well, ever been driving down the road blinded by that pesky winter sun? Yeah, we thought so! Why not grab yourself a pair of our awesome sunglasses, with 3 colours to choose from, for just €20.00?

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… and the rest!

That just about rounds out our 2018 Christmas gift guide, but remember, what we’ve shown you above is just some of the full Drift Games merchandise range that we’ve got in stock and ready to make their way to you this Christmas. Make sure you check out the full merchandise range NOW!

Oh and remember, make sure you get your order in ASAP as although we’ll get it sent right away, we don’t want to risk any unforeseen issues after we’ve posted them on their way!

Happy Christmas everyone.

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